Bio Waste Composting

Bio Waste Composting can be operated as stand-alone-solution for the transformation of delivered or collected waste to high quality compost or as technology combination with pre-located usage of the biological waste for gas production. The composting may be realised as open windrow composting plants or as intensive composting plants in rot boxes and also as combination of both technologies. For a fast, economical and high quality guarantied composting technology the intensive composting technology in rot boxes or the technical combination normally is the right choice.

The box composting technology is already widely used and worldwide accepted and approved. More than hundred composting plants are operating successfully in all clime zones of the world. Our computer-supported system converts organic waste to hygienically inoffensive high quality compost within only a few days and under maximum utilisation of often marginal space capacities. During  composting process  all important parameters are monitored and adjusted permanent. Negative atmospheric disposure does not have any influence on the process as well as negative environmental influences, as for example odor nuisance or groundwater contamination, are avoided safely.

With our composting technology you produce high quality compost from green and garden waste, kitchen waste and sewage sludge or any other organic biodegradable materials in a fast and reliable way. This quality compost can be used excellently for private and agricultural purposes and for soil improvement.