Biogas Plants / Biogas Usage

The H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH realizes highly complex and efficient biogas plants and biogas usage plants, e.g. biomethane plants, for your individual purpose.

Our product range for biogas plants covers the turnkey construction of your wet or dry biogas plant and it includes the entire life cycle also. We will design and build your own special biogas plant on your site in cooperation with you. We will take the plant into operation and after the acceptance we offer you biological and technical services according to your needs and requirements.

The utilisation of the produced biogas will also be custom-fitted to your requirements. Our services include the direct utilisation on your site, for example via CHPs, the transportation of your gas to an external location, but also the processing from biogas to biomethane. In this context we design the plants independently and not focused on one specialized technology and according to your requirements.

The H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH is a full-range supplier and offers you all products and services from one source.