Order of sewage sludge treatment for the city of Ioannina

H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH is the leading partner of the Joint Venture that has undertaken the Project of sewage sludge treatment of the Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant of the city of Ioannina in the northwestern area of Greece.
The project started on July 2013. The sludge is diverted into compost material with the use of wood and tree clamping residues after aerobic composting and maturation in an open area. HUT is the responsible company for the Project Management of the project contributing the knowhow and the mobile equipment for the optimum process implementation.  The minimum quantity of the sludge to be treated for three years is 24.000 tons.
Ioannina sewage treatment plant is designed to treat the equivalent waste water of 120.000 people per day and was facing severe problems with the disposal of sewage sludge as the nearby sanitary landfill was not accepting this waste. With the initiation of the Project sludge is turned into a usefull soil improvement material (proven by chemical analysis of the product samples in certified laboratories) utilized by the area agricultural farmers.

 Ioannina Composting Windrows

View of the composting windrows and the compost turner

Ioannina Trammel screen

View of the trammel screen to separate wood pieces from ready compost

Ioannina New Windrow

Building a new windrow with sludge and green waste


Order for the construction of a Landfill Gas Power Project at the island of Corfu, Greece

The landfill belongs to the Municipality of Corfu and it is the only sanitary landfill at the island. H-U-T is responsible for the complete construction of the landfill gas extraction system, the power plant and its interconnection with the local electricity grid.

The first phase of the project includes the construction of the gas network and the installation of an internal combustion engine (CHP)  of 400kWel for the conversion of the landfill gas into electrical energy. The complete order of all phases has a contract volume of approx. € 2.000.000,--

Throughout the globe, increased concerns for the environment and the decline in fossil fuel reserves make it necessary to use available energy sources more wisely. Landfill methane, classified as “renewable” fuel source, is among the attractive alternative fuels that can be used to run gas engines for power generation. Since methane can migrate to the atmosphere and it is 21 times the greenhouse warming potential of carbon dioxide, projects like the Corfu power plant protect the environment locally and global.