The H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH is an innovative company with main focus in the range of environment, energy and waste. Within this range the H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH covers the market on all classic fields, from the receipt of waste and biomass up to substantial and energetic recovery and recirculation of the products into the market. Furthermore H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH implements economic and forward-looking complete plants with a high innovation competence. The division “landfill technology” completes the company´s portfolio.

H-U-T Umwelt und Technologien GmbH is a company owned by three shareholders. The company owns a 40.000 m² business property with office and manufacturing buildings of the former company HAASE Energietechnik AG in Neumuenster/Germany. Our team is well grounded with numerous references and an excellent know-how in their particular field of activity, which is based on the knowledge and experience of two decades.

H-U-T´s main busienss segments are:

  • General contractor for the conception and design of complete turn-key plants
  • Projecting, construction and project development for plants in the range of biogas production, usage of biogas / biomethane, mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBT) and also composting
  • Consulting of counties, town governments, civil services and agriculturalists concerning the generation of energy from waste and renewables.
  • Development of strategies for waste treatment, collection and treatment of municipal and industrial waste
  • Project work and development for landfill and engineering of plant technologies (e.g. landfill gas and leachate extraction, gas flares, CHPs)
  • Optimization of existing plants
  • Operational and service support

As a technological competent company we design and build plants from one source. As general contractor we offer biogas and biomethane plants, MBT-plants (mechanical-biological waste treatment plants), composting plants and more world-wide.

Continuous education and competence build-up from Research and Development ensures our customers to individual economical solutions with the respective current best available technology. Furthermore service and operating models are available for own or foreign plants.

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